New Love, New Life

So I figured if there can be the occasional lunar eclipse I guess I can write a blog post. I think the lunar eclipses are more frequent though.

The last time I wrote I was at the beginning of a new life as an apartment-dwelling single man. Surprise! Things have changed again. Almost a year and a half ago a new person came into my life and she has changed my world for the better. Her name is Pam and she is amazing. After we had been dating for a few months she invited me to share her home (Tolkien too of course). So in December of 2014 I moved into her home. Not only that, she renovated a bedroom so I could build a train layout in it. How cool is that!

I will be writing about that project as it moves along.

So how does Tolkien like his new situation? He loves it. So much more room to move and places to explore. We are both very happy in our new life.

Tolkien. Same pose, new location.

Tolkien. Same pose, new location.

2 Responses to New Love, New Life

  1. And we are so happy as well! We can see the love you share…you can’t hide that joy…and we are Thankful for the love in this world. Happy Thanksgiving!

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