The New, New Project

Wall showing faux finish and blue paint

Wall showing faux finish and blue paint

Having moved out of my apartment within the last year (I write about it here), I have now embarked upon a new model railroading project. The Love of my Life, not only gave me a bedroom to use but redecorated it as well. She redid the walls in a faux finish and painted them in a nice blue shade for a sky backdrop. You can see an example on the right.

This is a wonderful space in which to build a layout, a blank canvas on which to create. I made several plans using the Goderich concept that I was using at the apartment but I found the space did not lend itself to that idea very well. So I thought about what kind of layout I would like to build. I’ve always liked the concept of an urban layout, built in a big city. I’ve also been attracted to Toronto’s Union Station with its busy schedule of trains arriving and departing from under the train shed.

I drew some designs using RailModeller Pro for the Mac and they worked. I went through several revisions and came up with one that I really liked. I’m using the same era from my earlier projects, the early 1960s, since I like the diesels and colour schemes from that era. It also allows a nice mix of railways since Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Ontario Northland and New York Central/Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo, all had trains which used Union Station. I also included some freight switching of the Toronto harbour area, plus express freight and trucks-on-flatcars (aka piggyback) operations.

Then I planned out what I would need for tables. My IKEA shelving units wouldn’t serve for this project so they will be repurposed for storage (after all, that’s what they’re designed for). I designed all new tables for this project.

I will be detailing the construction in future posts so stay tuned.

Finished room with my supervisors Tolkien and Dave the Minion

Finished room with my supervisors Tolkien and Dave the Minion

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