Making Legs

The New, New Project Part 2

When I decided that I was going to build new tables rather than re-use my IKEA tables, I had to come up with a design for their construction. I found pre-fab tables available from one of the model railroading vendors. I briefly considered using them but the sizes they came in wouldn’t work for my space. I did note how they were put together, though. The design seemed simple yet sturdy so I used it as the inspiration for my tables.

I noticed they had adjustable feet on their table legs which can be used to level the tables. I decided to incorporate that idea into mine as well. I checked aorund and found something called a T-nut which is drilled into the bottom of each leg. A foot with a screwed stem is threaded into that which allows for the levelling. I went shopping and found something called threaded glides which had a plastic insert and the feet all in one package.

Bottom of table leg with 11/32" hole drilled.

Bottom of table leg with 11/32″ hole drilled.

According to the package I needed to drill a 11/32″ hole for the insert, tap it in then thread the foot, or glide, in.

I started by drawing lines from corner-to-corner on each leg. This gave me something close to the centre. I tapped the centre point with a large nail to make drilling easier. Then I drilled out the hole. You can see it’s not exactly on centre but that isn’t critical.


Tapping in the insert using ancient rock hammer

Next I tapped in the plastic insert, using a small rock hammer (which I made in metal shop hundreds of years ago), since I didn’t want to damage the insert. Then I threaded in the foot.


Threading in the foot using giant lobster claw.

Below you can see the finished product, ready to be attached to the tables. Now I only had to repeat this operating for as many legs as I needed. My original design called for 22 legs. That has since changed but you will read more about that in a future post, or not if this all bores you to tears.


Finished table leg with adjustable foot. Hooray only twenty odd more to go!

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