Rethinking Table Size

The New, New Project Part 3

I originally designed my tables to a generous size which allowed for the maximum amount of model railway. I designed four tables which would run around the walls of the room in a letter G shape. I made two of them 30″ wide and the other two 24″ wide.

My first cut a table design.

My first cut a table design.

I purchased lumber and had it cut. Rather than use dimensional lumber for the frame (i.e. 1″ x 4″), I bought 3/4″ plywood and had it cut into 4″ wide strips. I could then cut these to the desired lengths for the various tables using a chop saw that The Love Of My Life owns.

I eagerly assembled my first table frame, a 30″ wide by 88″ long monster. I screwed the frame to my legs and admired my handiwork.

My first table frame

My first table frame

I called The Love Of My Life in to show it off. She looked it over and asked. “If we ever move, how are you going to get it out the door?” Oops. Hadn’t considered that. Then she looked it over some more and asked, “How are you going to reach trains in the back corner?” Dang! She was right. Unless I could grow Gorilla arms or jump up on a stool, I wouldn’t be able to reach a train, or throw a switch in the back corners.

The problem is that I needed the 30″ width the accommodate a planned version of the Spadina Roundhouse. So back I went to Rail Modeller Pro to see what I could do. I divided the tables up into smaller ones which allowed one to 29″ wide and 38″ long. This would allow it to fit, though snugly, through a door. It still fit the roundhouse I was planning as well. Woohoo!

The reworked table design.

The reworked table design.

I dismantled the large table and started planning out the smaller ones, now seven in number. More about that, though, next time.

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