Levelling And Finishing The Tables

The New, New Project Part 5

Now that all the table frames are assembled, there’s a few things left to do before we call them complete. They would need to be levelled, fastened together, holes drilled for wiring and table tops would need to be installed.

I designed the tables to be moveable but I also needed them to be stable. I decided the best way to do this would be to screw them together. This would also give me an oppotunity to make sure they were even. This also be a chance for me to test my adjustable legs. They worked perfectly and I was able to adjust them with a minimum of bending down and subsequent head rushes.

You can see the before and after in the photo. I levelled all the tables then screwed them together where the sides or ends touched. They were now level and sturdy. I did a couple of shake tests and they barely moved.

I knew that when I got to wiring all those extra sideas and ends, due to the modular design, would create obstacles. I thought I should make some holes to faciltate the running of wires. I first tried using a hole saw like you’d use for a door lock but it was a lot of work and made a massive hole, much larger than required. (Too embarassing to photograph. Sorry if you’re looking for a picture).

I settled on a 3/4″ boring bit. This does not imply that this bit is dull at parties but instead refers ot its ability to bore holes, usually in wood. I did a test hole and it was much better. Proceed to bore three holes in each crosspiece all the way around the room. I put them near the top since that’s where the wires would be coming through. The three holes just gives me more choices when running wires.


Sometimes the things that make it look like I’ve done a ton of work are the easiest. The table tops fall into this category. Armed with a cutting plan I ventured down to my local building supply and bought two 4′ x 8′ x 3/4″ pieces of plywood. Then the helpful man on the panel saw cut it according to my plan and I came home with the tops all ready to fasten on.

The only complication at all was the one wide (29″ x 38″) table where the roundhouse will be. I had two 14 1/2″ x 38″ pieces cut for that one. After a number of sessions with my handy drill and power screw driver, the tops were fastened down and the tables were finished. Huzzah!

Just for fun I threw down some track and ran some trains. I’ve included a link to the video on Facebook but I’m not sure it will work:

Next time, the thrill of gluing down foam!


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