The World Is Not Pink (Or Blue Either)

The New New Project Part 9

Now that the foam was complete (plus two plays, Christmas and New Years over), came the final step before track. I wanted to put a coat of paint over the foam as a primer for eventual scenery and to cover up all that pink and blue.

I thought I would pick up a couple of bottles of cheap acryliuc paint and brushes from the dollar store and Bob’s your uncle, I’d have that done in no time. I was wrong. Wrong about a few things.

I wanted to paint the surface an earth toneĀ and found a burnt umber at the dollar store which suited my purpose, plus I picked up a package of foam brushes. I went through both bottles and ended up with one table cover in blotchy dark brown paint. Sooo I went back and snapped up 6 more bottles.

I found out that, just because the shelf label says burnt umber, it doesn’t mean that all the bottles there are that colour. I ended up with bottles of cinnamon brown blended in with the burnt umber. I attacked the painting task again resulting in some more blotchy tables. Eventually I catch on and so I got the brilliant idea to buy a small roller and tray, a small brush, plus more paint (verifying this time that I was actually getting the burnt umber) plus some hunter green for the harbour.

Wow. I realized that I should have bought the roller in the beginning. The paint went on the way I orginially thought it should. In the time it took to slop paint on one table, I had them all covered and covered well. I painted the harbour area with the green (which I will eventually put resin in to simulate water) and now I was ready to lay track!

The Kato Unitrack mainline only took minutes to assemble but then I noticed a few problem areas. Where track crossed table joints in a few spots, there were gaps under it because the joint was higher than the surrounding table. In one spot I goofed and the subroadbed curved the wrong way. There was a small section with a noticable gap under it.

Now I had to break out the plaster to prop that area up and then sand down the offending joints.

I filled in the gap and used a piece of foam to make it as flat as possible. When it dried I sand it down plus the offendin table joints.

I then put the track down and check it. Not perfect but 99%, close enough. Any remaining issues could be dealt with using shims. I repainted the sanded areas and laid the mainline back down.

Now I had to deal with an issue I had kind of been avoiding…wiring! That’s a topic for next post.

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